Power Generation

In a country with limited energy resources, the opportunities for private investment in renewable power generation are enormous. Akbar Brothers owns or part-owns and operates a number of environmentally-friendly renewable power facilities, utilising wind power and hydropower to supply over 90MW annually to the national grid: this makes it the largest privately-owned renewable-energy company in Sri Lanka. Additional plants under development or construction will generate another 40MW of power, helping to meet growing demand and assure the nation’s energy security. Akbar Brothers is firmly committed to a future in which Sri Lankans increasingly use renewable sources to meet their energy needs.

The company is now looking to invest in other renewable-energy technologies, such as solar power generation and the generation of power from municipal solid waste, locally as well as in the East African region.

Whatever the source, Akbar Brothers is committed to using best-of-breed technology for maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact.