Flexiprint (Pvt) Ltd

Flexiprint(Pvt) Ltd, an industry leader represented by all popular tea brands of the world, manufactures envelopes, tea bag tags and flexible packaging materials serving the Sri Lankan export sector, as well as manufacturers worldwide. Its up-to-date manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest flexographic printing equipment and adopts a green policy throughout production. The company was awarded the ISO 22000:2005 certification for its high quality standards which are kept within strict parameters.

Flexiprint has further diversified into manufacturing labels in various other sectors including textiles, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and lubricants to name a few.

Mosaic Art (Pvt) Ltd

Mosaic Art (Pvt) Ltd produces intricate handcrafted mosaic-work décor objects using tesserae of glass, marble, ceramic and stone. Mosaic is a highly adaptable medium, and the company’s custom designs include furniture items, mirrors, signboards, drinks trolleys, plates, vases and much more.