Export Processing Facilities

The support side of the tea export business comprises processing, warehousing and logistics. Akbar Brothers sites all these operations within a convenient radius of 10km. from Colombo. The group’s head offices in the city contain its central tea-tasting laboratory as well as its shipping, accounting and logistical management facilities. Other processing centres, such as its packing facility and the Quick Tea bagging plant, also host their own tasting labs. These operations are ISO 9002 and HACCP certified.

Warehousing & Logistics

The warehousing and logistics operations of Akbar Brothers are undertaken by A.B. Developments (Pvt) Ltd, which owns and operates three large building complexes at Wattala, Welisara and Kelaniya, conveniently proximate to Colombo Port and Akbar Brothers’ head offices in Colombo. This proximity allows for multiple quality checks and special value-added services on containerized and bulk cargo. In all, the group controls over 700,000 sq.ft (70,000m2) of commercial, office and warehousing space. A transport fleet of more than 200 vehicles, maintained and operated by group technical staff and drivers, is an essential element of logistical operations. Other subsidiaries of the group involved in logistics and development include A.B. Haulage and Land & Building PLC.