For Akbar Brothers, offering the finest quality teas across a range of price points is a matter of pride: the company’s products, after all, carry the family name. Traditionally, no consignment of Akbar Tea is shipped until it has been personally inspected and passed by a family member.

Today, quality control at Akbar Brothers is carried out by experienced and highly qualified specialists using state-of-the-art machinery and the latest IT infrastructure. Quality checks are carried out at several stages: purchasing, storing, processing and just prior to loading for shipment. However, the old tradition still continues, with a family member always on hand to make a final check on product quality immediately before shipping. Quality, honesty and integrity have always been priorities.

Teas produced and shipped by Akbar Brothers are blended and formulated at the Akbar Tea Room, where a team of 15 experienced tasters practice their art under conditions as near to ideal as can be found anywhere in the global tea industry. This century-old commitment to quality made it natural that Akbar Brothers should have become the first-ever Sri Lankan tea company to be awarded the internationally-recognized ISO9002 and HACCP quality certificates. It has also resulted in considerable recognition and acclamation from the Sri Lankan business community. Recent Awards