Founded in 1969 by members of a family who have been involved in the Ceylon tea industry for more than a hundred years, Akbar Brothers gained an invaluable fund of expertise and goodwill when the founder's father, Sheikh Akbarally Tyeabally retired as Chairman of M.H. Hebtulabhoy & Co. and joined his sons, thus making available to them the fruits of over forty years’ experience in the industry.

The new company rapidly established itself as a leading industry player. Twenty years after its foundation, Akbar Brothers became the biggest Sri Lanka tea buyer and exporter, outperforming the old-established giants of the industry. It has retained its leadership position ever since, and is now synonymous with the finest Ceylon tea.

In 2013, the company shipped a total of more than 50 million kg. of tea, worth over Rs. 35bn. Every day, some 70 million cups of fine Ceylon tea shipped by Akbar Brothers are drunk around the world.