Emissions Testing

Cleanco (Pvt) Ltd, an emissions-testing enterprise that operates a total of 65 stations around the country as well as a fleet of 25 mobile test centres, which cover a further 167 locations islandwide, under the Drivegreen brand. Using the latest technology, Drivegreen centres are authorised by the government and fully equipped to test and certify compliance with all emissions standards pertaining to motor vehicles in Sri Lanka. The company also provides a fuel-efficiency report on tested vehicles together with the usual emissions report, thereby adding a personal benefit to the statutory obligation of annual emissions testing.

Drivegreen is proud to have helped Sri Lanka reduce its carbon footprint and attain the highest standards of ambient air quality in the South Asia region, despite an increase in motor vehicle numbers of some 1.6 million over the last four years. The company employs about 1,000 people both directly and indirectly, and follows a growth strategy based on quality and the ethical treatment of all stakeholders.